Thursday's Spanking 11/01/12

Wednesday's Spanking 10/31/12

 Can't forget Halloween

Tuesday's Spanking 10/30/12

Monday's Spanking 10/29/12

 Some birthday spanking action.

The first three are screen grabs so the quality is not so good.

Sunday's Spanking 10/28/12

Saturday's Spanking 10/27/12

 Those paddles would hurt.

Friday's Spanking 10/26/12

Something a little different today. The following pics don't have any spanking in them but the ladies positions look like it's about to happen.

Thursday's Spanking 10/25/12

Wednesday's Spanking 10/24/12

Tuesday's Spanking 10/23/12

Over the last week I've posted 3 vids of me spanking Anisa, here is a link for the latest. The lexan I'm using in the vid was broken last night on her naughty butt.

Monday's Spanking 10/22/12

Sunday's Spanking 10/21/12