Saturday's Spanking 11/10/12

Friday's Spanking 11/09/12

Thursday's Spanking 11/08/12

Wednesday's Spanking 11/07/12

From Sara Gregory's website, taken from a Crimson Moon Party in 2011. If you check out her site you'll find a lot of spanking party pics.

This one is sort of blurry but most of that blur is from the rapid motion of the spanker's hand and that said I think the spankee's reaction is for real, also check out how the spanker is pulling her jean skirt tight for better contact.


The last two are marked bottoms post spanking.

Tuesday's Spanking 11/06/12

Last two are from Folsom but I don't know what year.

Monday's Spanking 11/05/12

Sunday's Spanking 11/04/12

Saturday's Spanking 11/03/12

Friday's Spanking 11/02/12

Thursday's Spanking 11/01/12

Wednesday's Spanking 10/31/12

 Can't forget Halloween

Tuesday's Spanking 10/30/12

Monday's Spanking 10/29/12

 Some birthday spanking action.

The first three are screen grabs so the quality is not so good.