Monday's Spanking 10/01/12

I posted one of Pixie yesterday so here is one of Brandi having the same kind of fun.

Speaking of fun, here is a pic from Eros Artist taken at the 2007 LA Fetish Ball.

More fun; it appears when her spanking is over her punishment won't be.

Birthday fun.

Sunday's Spanking 9/30/12

Pixie is not really getting a spanking, it's a breathing function test or maybe a noise level test, either way she's having fun, you can tell by her expression :).

Here is another young lady testing her lungs.

Don't know what's happening here but she has a nice hand print on her bottom.

Saturday's Spanking 9/29/12

If anyone knows the story on this pic let me know because I haven't got a clue.

Friday's Spanking 9/28/12

At a car show, I think and you can barely see it but that is one mean looking paddle.

A way-to-go swat.

Ladies practice time at the Texas All State Spanking Party. I'll bet that turned a few heads.

Must have had the whole place to themselves.

Thursday's Spanking 9/27/12

Here are some screen grabs of birthday spankings.

Wednesday's Spanking 9/26/12

Tuesday's Spanking 9/25/12

This top pic is from a biker event called Oyster Run, you can't see who is going to do the spanking but the girls are ready.

I'm not sure about this one so I won't guess, but it has to be from a pay site.

I'm guessing a play party.

Monday's Spanking 9/24/12

I decided to add an extra pic in today's set. Since restarting this blog I've kept it M/F, F/F and hetero because most readers want it that way. This first photo is from a M/M spanking pay site called Tropixxx Video. The reason I included it is because it's a behind-the-scene, off-camera shot and I thought was kinda funny.

This next pic is from yesterday's Folsom Street Fair, it was the first I found.

The last three are some public spanking done at a certain desert event.

Sunday's Spanking 9/23/12

Saturday's Spanking 9/22/12

Friday's Spanking 9/21/12

Thursday's Spanking 9/20/12

Wednesday's Spanking 9/19/12

 This is a strange arrangement so I'm not even going to guess.