Tuesday's Spanking 7/31/12

This first shot is from Real Life Spankings, I like it because of the at home, candid style.

Monday's Spanking 7/30/12

Sunday's Spanking 7/29/12

The second pic with the girl getting spanked with a belt on the bare is new to me. Comment if you know anything about it.

Saturday's Spanking 7/28/12

Notice the right hip on the 4th girl from the left.


Just got smacked.

A nice red freshly spanked bottom.

Friday's Spanking 7/27/12

Spanking parties and getting spanked in front of other people. I know the first two; Amy Lynn Best at  a convention around 5 years ago and a Shadow Lane Party maybe 07.

Thursday's Spanking 7/26/12

A couple of spankings in progress and a couple showing some results.

Wednesday's Spanking 7/25/12

Tuesday's Spanking 7/24/12


Monday's Spanking 7/23/12

Girls having fun and getting spanked.

Maybe some one could help me out with this pic. I'm wondering where it came from, I found it mixed in with all the spanking pics at Imagefab.

Sunday's Spanking 7/22/12

Just a guy hanging out by this fountain and spanking the girls that come along.

Saturday's Spanking 7/21/12

Birthday spankings and a Folsom shot.

Friday's Spanking 7/20/12

Spanked at Folsom 

Birthday Spanking Fun

Vintage Spanking

I'm sure someone has already posted this but I looked through the normal spots like Richard's and Chross blogs and did not see it. Love the schoolgirl outfit.

Thursday's Spanking 7/19/12

The belts are off for the birthday girl.

Letting those cheeks cool off.

Waiting for the belt.