Saturday's Spanking 9/1/12

Friday's Spanking 8/31/12

Thursday's Spanking 8/30/12


Wednesday's Spanking 8/29/12

Wish I could see what was in her right hand.


Tuesday's Spanking 8/28/12


Monday's Spanking 8/27/12

A nice outdoor strapping and a couple of ladies waiting for their spanking to begin.

Sunday's Spanking 8/26/12

Saturday,s Spanking 8/25/12

The first pic is from a VERY bad B-movie. That's a monster in the background and it appears to be spanking the person in the foreground.

I don't know why the girl is bent over that way but it looks like she asking for it.

If You Thought Getting Spanked Was Bad

For all the subs and bottoms that thought a 100 swats with a 15" Derlin rug beater was pure hell........

how about some of this crazy shit. These two paintings were done by Hieronymus Bosch between 1482 and 1503. Try and tell me they didn't have something like LSD 500 years ago.

Sexy Spanking Party

A bunch of undie clad coeds spanking each other on DailyMotion.

Friday's Spanking 8/24/12

Here are a couple of Punished Brats shots with Pixie. In the first one she is the spankee and David is the spanker (2005). In the second, she is the spanker with Lily Anna as the spankee (2012).

Thursday's Spanking 8/23/12

Wednesday's Spanking 8/22/12

Ladies getting spanked in public.

Tuesday's Spanking 8/21/12

I found this pic on Tumblr but I think the girl getting the switch is a long time model of Girls Boarding School named Sophie. The scene has that candid look I like.