Saturday's Spanking 6/30/12

She just got swatted with a wooden spoon. I wonder what word is about to come out of her mouth?

Friday's Spanking 6/29/12

Some OTK paddle action.

Thursday's Spanking 6/28/12

Wednesday's Spanking 6/27/12

I'll Call these "Turnabout Is Fair-play"

Tuesday's Spanking 6/26/12

I posted the 3 above pics back in 2006 but don't remember if they were all together.

Monday's Spanking 6/25/12

This one goes with yesterday's post.

Sunday Spanking 6/24/12

Saturday's Spanking 6/23/12

Friday's Spanking 6/22/12

Thursday's Spanking 6/21/12

Wednesday's Spanking 6/20/12

Richard Windsor has a good collection of Birthday Spanking pics.

Hand Print

Naughty Spring Break girls, one has already been spanked.

Tuesday 6/19/12

From my old blog 2002.

Monday's Post

Spank Camp.
Tortilla Flats.

Sunday Pt II

Sunday's Spanking

First pic; he's using a lame plastic ruler and she's smiling.

Second pic; he's holding a belt and she's not smiling anymore.

This guy is brave, that's a 9mm she's wearing on her right hip.